Currently, myRealPin supports adding images, videos, notes and links from a local (device) or remote source (website). This is however just the beginning. The goal is to integrate the world's most known "service" providers in the web.

Imagine, you could collect and connect content and information from basically any source, being refined and styled via templates in a useful and intuitive - well to be more precise - in your way:



For instance, you are about to plan your next holiday and browsing websites like tripadvisor or holidaycheck to find the best hotels and interesting places to visit. With myRealPin, you are able to collect and bookmark your favorite picks and pin it on your travel diary - virtual pinboard. Being on travel, you then can add pictures, write short blog posts, link videos and finally share it with all your friends also back to your existing social networks. Other users will be able to check out your collection and, if granted, can use it for their own project e.g. travels.

We look forward to your contribution and feedback. Together we will create the first content network!

You might have already noticed, that some features on this platform are not yet active / working.

Of course, this will change, there is much more to come.

Please see some of the highlights below and do not hesitate to put your vote!


Custom Styles: Share and publish your own & custom styles for your profile, pinboards, items and more.
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Follow and Message: Follow other users and watch your activity stream. Exchange messages with your friends.
1 1 1 1 1 Rating 3.67 (3 Votes)
Add further Items: You think notes, images, embedding & links - this is it?! Not quite... ;)
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Upload Videos: Being able to upload videos and restrict access
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