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Railway History: Now and Then

A Journey into the History of Railroad
The history of the railways is a fascinating journey along a track that’s changed the world and the way we travel and business; has expanded our industries and our imaginations. From the first track laid to the ongoing engineering works in almost every country in the world, from the tiny railway bearing to the main bulk of the machine, trains and railways have revolutionised not just our lives but also the way in which we see the world. A railway journey may be viewed in a perfunctory way, as a commute or way of transporting goods; or it may be seen romantically, as a means of escape and capturing wondrous new horizons. The railways has inspired books, films, music, and even games. From the Trans Siberian Express to America’s Amtrak, the British Rail Network to India’s ‘Golden Triangle’, their history is as fascinating as train travel itself.